Ameneh Rasouli Firoozabadi, Habib Jadidoleslamy


In the Persian poem, the elements constituting the music are: metrical prosody, the rhymes, and homophony of words in the poem that is the result of the artistic repetition of the various phonetic units of the language. Harmony between these elements and poem content can be considered as a footnote of this phonetic phenomenon and Complementary of the musical quality of the lyrics. In the form of “sonnet”, with regard to the structural characteristics, the mentioned musical elements can be divided into two groups: one is related to the sonnet structure (which is constantly in a sonnet) and other is related to the couplet (which in the different couplet of a sonnet may be changed). The Biddle Dehlavī lyrics is described by “roam” adjective, but his sonnet meter is to a large extent “ordinary”, because high frequency meters of the sonnet, which four fifth of sonnets were versified in that format, are according to the lyric tradition of that time period. However, in low frequency meters of his sonnets, there are uncommon meters that distinguishes it from other poets. Most of the readers of Biddle poems and experts in the Biddle poems believe that his sonnets are the most valuable of his poems. In the other hand, because of its history and lyric nature, the sonnet form has a stronger link to the musics and the meter role is more highlighted in his sonnets.



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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24200/mjll.vol6iss2pp101-106


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